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Increase your keyword ranking, build your brand credibility, get higher conversion rates, and establish your brand in Australia and beyond! Our team of SEO experts is based in Auckland and help businesses across New Zealand and Australia to rank more efficiently on Google - helping potential customers find you! Chalk n Cheese is made up of a bunch of Kiwi digital marketers with the goal of making businesses skyrocket their organic search engine rankings, increase traffic and consequentially increase leads landing on their website. Once your optimised keyword ranking has been achieved, we don’t stop there as the market is an ever-moving target. We constantly hunt for new high traffic keywords to add to the mix of your website copy to keep competing against companies similar to yours. Speak with our SEO strategy wizards today to find out how your business can get pushed up to the front of Google’s search engine results.

the chalk n cheese difference

we guarantee to rank your website on page one for 70% of your keywords after six months! If not, we will work for free until that happens! Seriously. 

Being a good SEO company isn’t just about glancing at the search engine guideline to tick off boxes using cheesy and half-arsed practices – which often end up damaging your rankings in the long run. We specialise in delivering relevant content that fulfils the needs of your potential customers and creates an organic, search engine friendly website. With that in mind, we recognise that while SEO is a long-term investment, we don’t expect you to wait forever for it. *That is why if we don’t get your website ranked on page one for at least 70% of your keywords after six months, we will work for free until we get you there!

After ranking thousands and thousands of keywords over the years, it would be impossible to showcase all our clients’ work, but here are just a few of our successes.

competitive seo keywords

Whether we are writing SEO blogs or placing content on the targeted pages of your website, we write to add value to your customers. Our writers take care to not just cram keyword after keyword into nonsensical sentences, and our UX designer will design the pages to ensure that it is attractive and optimised to drive conversions. It’s no good to just rank high with SEO content, which is what a lot of SEO companies will do. We make sure that when a customer finds your highly ranked page, the content we’ve written to index it so highly is of value and good quality instead of simply (and lazily) keyword stuffing. If the content isn’t great or of value to the customer, they may click away because they feel duped by being fished to a website that doesn’t give them the valuable content they were searching for.

value focused seo content

Whether we are writing blogs or placing content on the targeted pages of your website we write to add value to your customers and our UX designer will design the pages to ensure that is well placed to drive conversions. While most SEO companies will write SEO content to increase rankings, we will also make sure that once users land on your website they are served with great content which will lead them to either buy your product or submit an enquiry.

we understand your business

We don’t just pick the highest traffic seo keywords to work on! We do our homework to make sure we understand exactly what your customers are searching for when looking for a business like yours. We take the time to figure out what makes your business tick and develop =a strategy involving keywords that will generate intent-based organic traffic to your website. For example, “how to fix my sink” is a lot less likely to generate an enquiry than “plumbers auckland”. Rather than employing “how to fix my sink” to be a targeted keyword, we usually treat this search query as a supporting article that strengthens the overall relevancy of your services for the searcher.

qualified seo content writer

Yes, SEO content writing is a skill! Our content writer is specifically trained to put together content for SEO and does her research on your business to find out what others are writing about for your competitors. Value is key. To entice your customers to take action while ranking on Google is no easy feat. There’s no point copying and pasting (plagiarising) content you’ve found on someone else’s website onto yours to cut corners - it simply will. not. work. Google is smarter than that and will penalise your website for trying to get away with it.

full website on-page seo

We do the on-page SEO for your entire website, not just the targeted keywords. We treat every conversion-focused page with a purpose and aim to rank every single one of them. (Apart from your T&Cs page and privacy policy page, because, well, no one really wants to read those. Do they?) While doing SEO, we’ll also recommend menu structure changes and even create new pages to cater for what your potential customers may be searching for.

results driven organic rankings

Chalk n Cheese is not just an SEO company; we are a results-driven marketing agency and aim to implement a measurable strategy that means nothing if it isn’t improving your conversions. In terms of SEO, we measure two different things, the number one being keyword rankings and number two being month on month organic traffic increase. Most SEO companies will steer clear from promising results to clients, but we guarantee that we will rank at least 70% of your SEO keywords on page 1 after six months - or we work for free until we do. Challenge absolutely accepted.


results focused seo experts.

google search console

The search console designed to use on Google lets us track some of your organic keywords. It can also be used to submit your website’s sitemap to Google and let it automatically alert our team of any potential Google indexing problems.

google analytics

This tool is gold for measuring and documenting your visitor traffic increase. Any online business with a website should 100% utilise Google Analytics by getting it installed and configured correctly to measure results and success.

ah refs

Ah refs is the world’s leading SEO tool for tracking results. It allows us to see your website’s ranking, indexing issues and backlinks for a comprehensive overview of how your website is performing. Ah ref also allows us to stay on top of all Google algorithm updates in order to keep your site competing in its field.


if this is your first time considering a seo agency in australia, then these might be some of the questions floating around your brain.

SEO is the implemented strategy of optimising your website to encourage organic (otherwise known as un-paid) customer traffic from a search engine page like Google or Bing. Search Engines are engineered to send back relevant results to a customer based on what keywords they type in when searching for a service or product. By editing your website to include the most common searched words relating to the content on your website, you begin to optimise the number of visitors you can draw to your website (and make a sale.) If you can’t be found, your services can’t be bought! We’ll work with you to strategise the process and improve your website’s ability to be found by relevant customers so that you can find your way onto those highly sought after first few results on Google without having to pay per click for the privilege. 


Google search traffic is the most efficient way of guiding customers to your website who are actually interested in the services and products you are selling. Good SEO will not only increase your relevant organic traffic, it will also boost your website with valuable content for the customer to increase your enquiry levels or online sales. SEO is one of the most affordable ways to market your business, as SEO does not require an ad budget. High-quality traffic equals enquiries, and enquiries equal sales.

Quality SEO takes approximately between twelve to twenty-four months, but you can expect to see results in as little as six to twelve months. Google is like a big library, and your website is a book in this library. How Google determines the book relevance for a particular keyword is by scanning through and counting how many times that keyword features on the website content. Once Google has tallied up the keyword density, then the next thing it counts is the number of times that your website is mentioned on third party websites. In SEO terms, we call those mentions ‘backlinks’. The more backlinks your website contains, the higher the SEO authority of the domain name will be, making it more likely for Google is to show the website to the customer as a relevant answer to their search query. SEO is not an arduous task, but it is time-consuming.

With the introduction of the online market, businesses became even more cutthroat than ever before.

For a brand to survive in this fast-paced and ever-changing online marketplace, staying up-to-date can make the difference between success and failure. 

To run a business well, you no longer just have to be a friendly face at the storefront; you have to have a functional and engaging online brand that can reach the masses. You need to drive real results and establish a dependable customer base to be a known player in a saturated market. 

If you genuinely want to enhance your online position and generate more revenue for your brand, then you need a professional digital partner that you can trust to deliver you smart, economical solutions.

We expect every shopper of our SEO services to look around and seek the best deals for the digital marketing services they are after; we understand that completely. Here’s where we differ. We make big promises where some companies won’t. Chalk n’ Cheese appreciates the value of investing in advanced technology, highly skilled developers, digital marketing specialists, SEO experts, quality programmers, and content creators so that we can deliver the results that you’ve invested in. 

The risk of choosing the wrong agency means you may risk missing out on your optimal online audience and delay growth for your business. We get it. So choose us, and let us prevent you from being left behind.

  • FLEXIBLE CONTRACT TERMS – Chalk n Cheese offers flexible short and long term contracts to suit your budget and requirements backed up by a 3-month trial to deliver the leads your business deserves. If worst comes to worst and we aren’t the agency for you, we have a 30-day cancellation notice – easy as that. When the risk is this low, what is there to lose?
  • ACCOUNTABILITY SPELLED OUT IN BLACK & WHITE – We take our responsibility very seriously and refuse to drop the blame on someone else’s head if something doesn’t go quite right. Honesty is the best policy, and we promise to be your go-to team that you know you can trust while managing your online campaigns.


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