How Do We Generate Online Sales Profitably?

Facebook and Instagram offer a powerful ad manager tool which finds the best customers for your business and deliver our scroll stoping content to generate qualified traffic to your online store.

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social platforms in the world both in terms of engagement and membership. Businesses have traditionally engaged with uses via organic posted which are sometimes ‘boosted’ to increase the reach. This approach can lead to sales however it is not reliable as the posts are not set up to scale on conversions. This is where paid ads come in. We can help you generate high quality traffic for your website that leads to sales by creating high quality, scroll stopping content which is delivered to an evolving list of target audiences which we believe may have an interest in your products.

What makes this approach unique is the ever changing mix of audience, creative, ad copy and headers allows us to pick the winners as determined by the real world sales that are generated within the first week of setting up the campaign to find the winners and scale the campaign from there. We are able to achieve that using a purchase conversion strategy which tells Facebook and Instagram to find people who engage with your product and purchase – the exciting things is once each platform has enough data it can begin to make predictions as to what your ideal customer looks like and find even more high quality traffic at an increasing cheaper cost per conversion.

The Case Study

We can generate sales for your ecommerce business using the two most popular social platforms worldwide, Profitably.

The Background

Our client had been generating most of their sales through popular distribution channels in the health and wellness industry with a very small percentage of their business being generated online through their own website. They had tried to generate sales with mixed success via boosted posts on Facebook, trade shows and social influencer campaigns on Instagram.

The Approach

We proposed a new strategy – develop a purchase conversion ad strategy which leveraged the engaging content of their influencers combined with custom thumbnails which were specifically designs to grab the users attention to drive qualified audiencers to their product landing pages. We also created a series of catalogue retargeting campaigns designed to drive drop cart users to complete their purchase. We also created an automated email program designed to support the ad strategy. NOTE: We also created a supporting Google Shopping and Google Search Ad strategy.

The Results (over the first 14 day period)

viewed our targeted product pages
users added a product to their cart
users made a purchase from the site
+ 1
users opted into our database
$ 1
was used to pay for the ads
$ 1
worth of revenue was generated

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