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Search engine optimisation (SEO) Melbourne

What is it?

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are pretty handy when you need to find relevant solutions for your needs. Once you do a search, you’ll find yourself with pages filled with answers to your questions, which can be known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It all seems very simple and easy. You could find yourself as one of the top websites when customers are searching for services, this is the result of good SEO. Melbourne is just the place to get relevant customers searching for your website; with more than 5 million people in this booming Australian city – you’re bound to get traffic to your website with the help of our SEO services!

What has seo digital company in Melbourne got to do with it?

More than you could ever imagine.

The keyword is keywords! 53% of all website traffic comes from organic searches. When consumers are actively searching for your products or services, a handful of keywords they search for can easily connect your business to them. Although SEO isn’t just about keywords, there are other SEO services that help your website rank at the top. In fact, the first search result in Google averages 26.9% of click-throughs on mobile devices and 32% on desktops.

Our SEO specialists – Melbourne will work to identify strategies, techniques and tactics to grow the number of visitors that reach your website to get high-ranking placements in the search results pages of search engines. Let’s talk about what our SEO specialists can do to transform your business’s online presence in Melbourne.

What our SEO specialists in Melbourne do?

Chalking up results organically.

Our experienced SEO experts – Melbourne at Chalk n Cheese work closely with small to medium-sized businesses. We have found that businesses that use SEO services in Melbourne discover consumers coming across their websites more regularly. Interestingly enough, our SEO services are setting up businesses with results only specialists can get. You can find yourself competing with the bigger names in your industry. Let’s take a deep dive into what our SEO tools are and how they can benefit your business.

Find out what SEO can do for your Melbourne business

Why is SEO important for your business?

The results that make the difference!

A tonne of web traffic happens on search engines. And by a tonne, we mean over 90%, which is important to know when actively trying to grow your business and achieve your business goals. It would be such a dream to just set up a website for your online business and wait for customers to come, but the reality is search engines decide what position websites sit on. This is why implementing strategies with the help of the best SEO agency in Melbourne is crucial for your business.

We are the guys that can help your website rank high on google search results using our SEO services. Melbourne is full of hustlers trying to branch out their business venture, SEO is the right tool for any company. This will ensure that whenever consumers are doing relevant searches, you’ll be positioned right on top! We are here to create SEO strategies that are specifically designed to grow your business and attract your target audience and website visitors from Melbourne and beyond. Let’s put those small businesses at the forefront of companies in Melbourne with our SEO work!


Our SEO services in Melbourne - Our strategies

Let’s talk about services. There are plenty of different types of SEO services. Melbourne, let’s get your website optimised on search engines! Here are the possible ways we can optimise your website for search engine ranking. 

1. Technical SEO

Let’s get geeky in the coolest way possible! Here are the factors that play into technical SEO.

Website Coding

A website’s structure concerning the coding is one of the most critical factors for good SEO. Melbourne is full of savvy business owners; to compete with their business, we have to implement efficient coding that allows search engines to improve a website’s position readily. If a website is riddled with ridiculous codes, it can slow down the load time and weaken the on-page content.

Website speed

The digital age is continuously changing and updating to better fit our lives. It’s no different with search engines! Google regularly updates its ranking algorithm to deliver the right results for any search and to improve users’ experience. One of the factors that Google filters through is the speed of a website; it all comes down to giving users a better experience. The optimal load time should be below 2.5 seconds.

Mobile responsiveness

The layout of an optimised website should adapt to any type of device being used. Just like the speed of a website, Google’s priority lies in user experience. The website should be viewable on any device without any errors to be ranked high.

2. On-page SEO

These are the visible web page elements.

Page Title and Meta Description

The page title and meta description play an important role in SEO rankings. Using primary keywords in both of them helps Google understand the page better. This can significantly improve the organic traffic to a website. 


Web pages that are structured well are well received by Google. Using headings helps structure and organise the content on a web page. Think of it like a paper outline, headlines are used to clearly communicate your ideas. Our SEO content writers know how to translate this into your on-page content to improve your website’s ranking.

On-Page Content

The written content of web pages is important in how the page gets ranked. Google tracks visitor usage metrics which include the time spent on a page and the bounce rate. Our SEO specialists, Melbourne – will provide on-page content that provides value and is relevant to the consumer. Efficient and concise on-page content can significantly improve visitor engagement.

3. off-page SEO

Off-page SEO services include implementing optimisation components that aren’t connected to the web page. This can increase a website’s domain authority, it measures the ability and credibility of a website to rank well.

Website Coding

Social media marketing is a very effective way to encourage visitors to a website. This helps build brand awareness and encourages users to visit the website. Google is more likely to rank the website high if it delivers high-quality content to its users.


Think of backlinks as a word-of-mouth referral, it’s a brilliant way to get Google to deem a website as relevant and improve its ranking. Our SEO specialists know how to acquire good quality backlinks to give your content value. You never know, your website could get the attention of other websites who wish to share it with their visitors. 

4. Local SEO - Melbourne

This type of SEO is an essential strategy for businesses that rely on local and regional customers. It’s a bit of a trick of the trade. When customers search for a business near them, the website that uses local SEO will show on Google results with a map listing the business. The type of businesses that benefit from local SEO includes restaurants, hairdressers, tradesmen and auto repair shops that want local clients who physically come to their premises or use their local services.

5. Reputation Management

Like product reviews, service and company reviews are useful for potential customers looking to hire a company to perform services. These reviews can help your business, but they could also potentially hurt your business. Reputation management services support your business by limiting negative reviews and boosting positive reviews.

6. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing can increase your brand awareness, the website traffic and conversion rate. Ultimately, it can improve the overall online visibility of your business website. As more users get familiar with your brand and website, there is increased engagement and traffic toward your business’s website

you can trust that our SEO service for melbourne businesses is worthy!

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We have trust in our SEO services. Melbourne is hustling and bustling with upcoming and bright-eyed business owners, it’s just the place to implement SEO so that your business is ranking at the top of Google searches! 

In six months If your website isn’t ranking on the first page of search results for Google using 70% of the keywords, you have chosen – we’ll work with you for free until it happens! How neat is that? If you don’t see a difference, we’ll be shocked! We have such confidence in our SEO specialists.


should you hire an seo digital agency for Melbourne businEss?

Want to extend your reach and get more customers? – We’re the team for you!

New businesses probably think that SEO isn’t important for them yet. The truth is any business, especially new ones, benefits a lot more from SEO strategies. Especially when the most of your customers are your neighborhood, you would need local SEO expert – Melbourne to help you. More established businesses already have a lot of reliable customers, which has allowed them to become established in the first place, but newer businesses need to start from scratch to get customers. It can be as easy as hiring the help of local SEO specialists in Melbourne to secure customers faster than ever. Melbourne businesses are coming and going all of the time, but the smart ones know how crucial it is to be found on Google, even at the beginning stages of their business.

Working with a digital marketing agency like Chalk n Cheese means that everything is taken care of for you. You can focus on building your business while we develop an SEO strategy and content marketing strategy, research your keywords, craft and implement SEO-friendly content, and keep track of how well it’s all performing with the help of our SEO specialists. Melbourne businesses are now benefiting from online marketing and SEO services that are flexible and suitable for their budgets – whether they are just starting out or already fairly established. Chalk n Cheese is the team to turn to when you want your brand to increase its revenue.

Does a content management system (CMS) matter for ranking in Google Search?

No, CMS does not matter. You can use any platform, such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Wix, WordPress or similar, and you can get the same SEO results. At Chalk n Cheese, we have been ranking multiple keywords for different CMS, such as Shopify, Weebly, Wix, WordPress and still get the awesome SEO results! 

Chalk n Cheese can start working on SEO whatever website builders you are using without any additional fee! 

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Have some questions you want to be answered? Here’s your guide on all things SEO services Melbourne related!

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving a website so it can be found more easily online. Websites can organically rank high on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo with good SEO. Picture this, the internet is just like the largest library in the world but instead of storing books, websites get stored. Your website happens to be one of the books in storage. Depending on what the users are searching for, Google will scan your website for two main things.

  • The content on the pages within your website


The Google platform has a complex algorithm behind it, but it is important to remember that it is a robot; if you want to rank for a keyword, then those keywords have to be on the page a few times. 

  • How many references include your website on the internet 


There are many types of references on the internet in the form of blogs, directory submissions, articles, social pages and more. 


The relevancy of your website’s content will be compared to what users are searching for. How smart is Google? After users do a search, a list of websites will be generated in seconds. It checks for the most relevant content in relation to what the searcher is looking for.


Google’s most important factors in the ranking are…

There are quite a few factors that affect ranking; factors include:


  • Direct website visits
  • Time spent on a website
  • How many pages are clicked per session
  • Bounce rate
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks

Semrush is a great resource for factors affecting ranking.

The current most popular search engines in the world are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Staying on top of SEO rankings is highly competitive and extremely resource intensive. What works today isn’t guaranteed to work tomorrow, next week, or six months down the road. As businesses and brands take over one another in Google’s ranking, competitors have to adapt their SEO strategies to hold onto their positions on the search result pages. This is why clever business owners hire SEO experts in Melbourne to handle SEO strategies. Get more customers onto your website and get your website to your desired rank today. Contact us!

If you’ve got a business to run, SEO can be a bit confusing, complicated and pretty tricky to get your head around it. What’s important is that SEO is super effective for any business to compete in its industry, so don’t get tangled up trying!


SEO is a crucial part of your digital business strategy. At Chalk n Cheese, we’ve got an experienced team who have done a tonne of successful SEO campaigns, some that are still running, all for our clients in New Zealand and Australia.


Come have a chat with our SEO experts in Melbourne.


You can trust us to analyse and help with your business's SEO campaign. We’re involved with you every step of the way in our SEO services. We’ll show you that what you’re paying for is actually working. It takes time to implement SEO for your business but if a couple of months have passed with no results - we’ll figure out why and fix it for you.

You can help build your branding on social platforms to increase your brand exposure. When you share across social media, it generates social signals and shows users that your posts are useful to your target market. 

We have an amazing and experienced social media team who can guide you through the process to get you where you want to be!