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Everyone’s on social media - and your business should be, too!

Social media isn’t just for liking pictures of your friends’ babies; it’s an invaluable tool for businesses to connect with active consumers like never before. With almost every person living a modern lifestyle on the platform, it’s a hive of potential customers that can help you to grow your brand, spread your message, engage with your content, and ultimately, increase your revenue – if that’s your goal. The social media experts in Perth comes to when they want to build a social strategy that works are right here at Chalk n Cheese, and we’re just a message away.

Let’s turn those likes into something bigger.

Consistency wins the social media race

There’s more to having a successful social media presence than just posting now and again. Consistently posting relevant, useful content that encourages consumers to engage with your services, share your posts or buy your products requires a well thought out strategy to survive. The amount of time you’d need to plan, post, and assess your standing across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok and other platforms can amount to a full-time job when not handled in an organised, streamlined fashion. Our team are experts at designing a personalised marketing strategy that targets the right consumers with the right message at the right stage of your relationship with them. Consistency is key; pre-scheduled posts automatically post when you need them to, keeping your users engaged while you’re busy running your business elsewhere.

Don’t be a flash in the pan

“Hey, remember that online store?” – the one that was all in your face and then suddenly disappeared? Whatever happened to those guys?

Many small businesses and medium-sized brands start out strong – but quickly fizzle out in the social media world, drained by the constant requirement to engage with their followers and potential customers. Content marketing is hard yakka & it can quickly feel like a chore.

Our social media experts in Perth can help you plan, craft, schedule and track quality social media interactions so that you are not  left juggling it all yourself or folding under the pressure to entertain your guests. 

Social media can be utilised in so many ways with the help of blogging on your site, Facebook Ads, giveaways, offers, demographic and location targeting, and much more to create a brand presence that will be a welcome sight on the timeline and not a brand that fizzles out into obscurity.

Advertising on Facebook

When your brand lives comfortably on Facebook, it’s easy to locate interested consumers and target them regularly so that you can regularly turn strangers into followers and followers into buyers. 
Talk to us about Facebook’s latest social media advertising features and how to make them work for your business.

What we can do for you

What is a social media marketing agency?

A social media marketing agency, like ours, is better described as a complete digital marketing agency. A media marketing agency works with brands to create, implement and manage social media strategies to achieve specific goals that the business has. This can be anything from raising brand awareness to making significant changes to your financial bottom line. Digital marketing agencies are experts across multiple digital platforms, utilising the ever-developing tools that each platform offers to benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes and help them get ahead in the online market. Our team not only creates social media marketing, but also can build your brand from the ground up with complete website design and development, advert campaigns, print media, video and photography creation, SEO services – you name it, we can do it. Social media marketing is just the cherry on top of a rather large list of marketing services we provide as a digital specialist agency.  


Absolutely, we can. And we prefer to! We don’t like to create work and then abandon it. We like to stand by our social media work, showing you how to grow your business over time and measuring the results as we go. We can offer expert advice at every stage of your growth and help take some of the pressure off of your shoulders by being the ones to create, implement and manage your social media content and graphic design in a meaningful way that will produce results.

We aren’t exactly going to suggest you look anywhere else. (That’d be a bit silly.) We stand by the quality of our social media experts in in Sydney, and the results they produce. The best way to choose a social media agency that ‘gets you’, is to have a chat with one! The first step is a non-committal chat, and we bet you give your barista that for nothing. Get in touch and see if we’re a match!

It would be super awkward if it wasn’t. Social media is a very large iceberg, with just the tip visible to most people’s eyes. Beneath the surface is a big ol’ machine that needs careful navigation to take advantage of the many benefits successful businesses are reaping by being on it. Our social media experts in Perth team spent a long time honing their skills, and are constantly adapting their skillset to keep up with the ever-changing advertising trends and best methods to smash your social media goals.

It comes down to your goals, and what you want to achieve. For real results that speak for themselves, are completely transparent and trackable – and a team that works tirelessly to achieve those goals for you – look no further. Our social media experts are creating magic with Melbourne businesses from the comfort of our Auckland-based office. We can spend more time working on your account and save you time and effort on face-to-face meetings with a fully digital collaborative working experience that our clients love. 

Ready for a social media strategy that makes a difference?

Get ready to count those conversions – talk to us today about how to get started.