How we chalked up marketing campaigns for Snapper Shack franchises?

We are the experts at getting the right customers to your door.

we’re currently working with Snapper Shack franchise owners all across the country to help generate the right marketing and exposure to find the right client base in search of the ultimate fish and chips experience. We get them to your store or to your online ordering system, and then you snatch up clients and keep them coming back with your fantastic food!

when it comes to getting the most out of digital advertising

We’ve found that a mixture of localised Google ads, Facebook ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works best to target audiences in your are. Theres no point for customers who don’t live anywhere near your franchise – so we narrow down the playing field and make sure they know all about you!

the strategy…

creating a landing page for your specific store

With this landing page being a direct link to your store and ordering from you, we can boost organic customer traffic through clever use of SEO content and make it super easy for your potential customers to find you!

google & facebook ads

Each individual store location gets its own bespoke marketing campaign, specific to your local area. When people from your area search for “fish n chips (your location)”, we aim for your page to be in the top 3 results - making sure customers are driven to your store first over your competitors! We can personalise each campaign with local details and keywords that your ideal customers are actually searching for.

Local SEO strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content is an amazing tool to implement on your local page, as it can capture a lot of local-based online searches organically. There’s no point reaching customers on the other side of the country, so this SEO strategy will be well researched and implemented to make sure your store is being advertised to the right people who can actually use your store!

Setting up your platform on Google


Google My Business/Google Maps:

As a business with multiple locations, you want your locations to succeed in their local marketing. Google My Business is a precious tool for franchise owners if listings are consistent and managed properly. We will make sure that the set up of a Google My Business profile for your store will be accurate and on the same layout as per the original one.

Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite):

On this you can have multiple email addresses under the same domain name by creating aliases.

For example, you can have: 

You will be able to send and receive from these email addresses but they will all live inside 1 email account. We will explain all of this, in detail to you, to make your digital marketing SO easy. 

The benefits of a multi-channel digital strategy for your Snapper Shack franchise


When your site appears on the first page of google search results, customers are so much more likely to use your services. How many times do you scroll through to the following pages? Probably not that often!


Your client base can find out about your specials, deals and menu through social media - meaning your outreach is even bigger than just relying on google rankings. Social media, when utilised properly, sells!


Through the use of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel data. We make ads that WORK and convert in online orders, phone calls and foot traffic. And yes we can track it all with our reporting system.


ad examples

some results from the last 30 days of our latest franchise campaign

x 1
users landed on the franchise page
x 1
of those users called or ordered online

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