What is a good Google page speed?

At one point we obsessed over site speed too! Any good agency would.

By now we’ve probably built over 1000 websites for various Kiwi businesses. Having been in the web development industry for over 10 years, we’ve found that a lot of clients will get an unhealthy obsession over site speed but do not really understand what it all actually means

here are a few simple factors which affect site speed

In a nutshell, if you want to achieve a really good Google score then some things have to give such as:

website code and framework

If you are on a CMS platform then moving your site to an all html based website to keep the code light and fast - this means that unless you know how to code then it’s going to be tough to make simple changes to your website

The use of images on a website

Avoid the use of imagery and icons across your website - images speak 1000 words so let’s be honest here without imagery your website will be dull and no one will ever enquire

The bandwidth & server

Use a premium server - preferably Google Cloud, Amazon or Microsoft. These servers are great, we use them for our large websites but they do come at a premium cost

The size of the website

Keep your website as small as possible which means less pages, less functionality, no booking systems, etc.

Do users care about website speed, as long as the site opens up in a timely manner then your site will perform, so in our expert opinion if you are above a 60 as a small business then you’re probably doing well, anything above 70 then you’re probably in the top 5 percent of fastest websites in New Zealand.

Here’s some examples of the Google scores from some of the largest companies in the world and in New Zealand. Microsoft is at 78, their team consists of 1000’s of web developer and they’re not obsessing about getting a 100 Google score.

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