we're pretty good at this property lead generation thing!

how do we chalk up real estate campaigns

Real estate lead generation
is our bread and butter

Over the years we’ve run over 100 property campaign across New Zealand for our real estate clients and have found a cost effective mix that works for both residential and commercial property types.

when it comes to getting the most our of digital for COMMERCIAL

a mixture of Google Ads and Facebook Ads works best to target those higher value properties.

the strategy…

facebook ads

- Lead Generation Ads to collect data
- Retargeting Ads thanks to the Facebook pixel

google ads

- Lead Generation via Google Search Ads
- Retargeting Ads via Google Display Ads

Lead capture

- lower hanging fruit approach with a brochure download
- higher quality lead approach through an enquire form

What kind of budget do we need for the campaign to work


$ 700
  • Facebook Ads Lead Generation Campaign Setup
  • Facebook Retargeting Ads Campaign Setup
  • Google Display Ads Campaign Setup
  • Google Display Retargeting Ads Campaign Setup


$ 1500
  • Facebook Ads Platform Targeting
  • Instagram Ads Platform Targeting
  • Google Display Network Targeting
  • Google Search Network Targeting

the benefits of a multi channel strategy

Improve customer perception

with consistent messaging across multiple channels.

better quality leads

with the utilisation of targeting from Google Search ads.

conversion focused

through the use of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel data.


ad examples

some results from our last commercial real estate campaign

x 1
the ad appeared
x 1
the ad was clicked
x 1
leads were produced
$ 1
was the cost for each lead

become our new success story!

conversion focused real estate campaigns.